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As a consumer it is important to know where the food you buy is grown and whether it is sustainable, healthy and nutritious for you and your family. We often shop the grocery store or market placing items into our basket without thinking about where that food came from and what type of trip it made before arriving at your table. At Pure Organic Foods we are proud of our organic Royal Quinoa farm-to-table story and that’s why we wanted to share it.


Royal quinoa is grown only in Bolivia between the Andes Mountains and the mineral rich Salt Flats. Pure Organic Foods’ Royal Quinoa is planted between mid September and November. Quinoa grows best in a cold, dry climate and the elevation and soil conditions of the Bolivian Altiplano are ideal. Bolivia farmers plant the quinoa seeds in rows two to three feet apart and then cover the seeds with the rich soil. Quinoa thrives in the most hostile conditions surviving nightly frosts and hot daytime temperatures of 40’C. Quinoa loves the high altitude where oxygen is thin, water is scarce and the soil is so saline that virtually nothing else can grow. It takes between five and seven months for a quinoa plant to mature before it is harvested. A field of flowering quinoa is a truly a majestic sight. A plant ready to harvest is often taller than the farmer and is covered with knotty blossoms that range from violet and crimson to orange and yellow.

The farmers that supply Pure Organic Foods harvest the Royal Quinoa only once a year in March. This sustains the nutrients within the soil and maintains the high quality of quinoa that is produced in this region. There are no chemicals, pesticides of heavy machinery used in the production of our Royal Quinoa and it is certified organic by Canadian standards. Other quinoa producing nations have started harvesting multiple times per year to meet global demands, but our farming practices have stayed true to traditional Royal Quinoa farming practices placing importance on susOnce the royal quinoa has matured, the seeds are collected by hand and taken by the farmer to a washing facility where the bitter-tasting saponins are rinsed away. This is a step Pure Organic Foods takes pride in because it provides you with a better tasting and more easy-to-prepare quinoa. Once the Royal Quinoa is fully dried it is packaged immediately onsite in our quinoa-dedicated facility. It is then shipped by boat to Canada and delivered to your local grocer or health food store. The production and preparation process is efficient and has very few touch points. This allows us to maintain overall product integrity giving you the best-tasting and most nutritious quinoa available in Canada.



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